Ongoing expanding detentions and deportations

An incomplete list of concerning occurrences 

5/31 A woman who died trying to leave the US to get to Canada.


5/23 “Amid news that immigration arrests are rising sharply under the Trump Administration, the Detroit News reported last week that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents recently obtained permission to use a Stingray to track down an immigrant suspected of “unlawful reentry” into the country. “:

5/? “The reason for Jessica’s DACA revocation is a flimsy one. When Jessica was arrested, officials wrote down her address. Shortly after, her parents moved. But officials later claimed that Jessica willfully gave false information – and charged her with a felony.”

5/19 “A Panamanian man held in an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center died in an apparent suicide Monday after being held for 19 days in solitary confinement. Jean Jimenez-Joseph, 27, had spent two months in the Stewart Detention Center, a for-profit facility run by the private prison company CoreCivic, prior to his death on May 15.” :

4/15 “The $110 million deal went to GEO Group, a private prison company that runs 143 facilities worldwide. In a news release, GEO said it would build and run the 1,000-bed facility outside Houston under a 10-year contract that would “generate approximately $44 million in annualized revenues and returns on investment.””

4/17 “And then Donald Trump was elected. Suddenly, at her first check-in of 2017, ICE informed Maribel that she was a “priority” for deportation and fitted her with an ankle monitor. When her attorney asked why the ankle monitor was necessary in light of her perfect record of attendance at her check-ins, the officer stated, “We have a new president now. I don’t know if you are aware.”” :

4/14 Death at ICE detention center “Lopez is the sixth detainee to die in ICE custody this year, officials said.” :
4/13 Building up the forces he is using for deportations and detentions ““This is an administration that very much is interested in setting up that mass deportation infrastructure and creating the levers of a police state,” said Marielena Hincapié, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center. “In these documents, you have more proof and evidence that they’re planning to carry it out.””:

4/12 About immigration policy advisors formerly of pretty ugly anti-immigrant groups “”CIS has published articles that labeled immigrants ‘third world gold diggers’ and that blamed Central American asylum seekers for the ‘burgeoning street gang problem’ in the US, while Dan Stein has said that many immigrants that come to the US hate America and everything the country stands for,” said Heidi Beirich, director of Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, which oversees the center’s yearly count of anti-immigrant groups. “We take these designations very seriously, and CIS and FAIR are far-right fringe groups that regularly publish racist, xenophobic material and spread misinformation about immigrants and immigration.”” :

4/12 “ICE’s Fugitive Operations division conducts raids on a daily basis, but the operations announced last week—in which multiple teams of agents go into a city simultaneously—have been rarer. The agency said the operations focused on arresting “criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants and immigration fugitives.” These talking points are similar to the ones ICE used during the Obama administration to justify deportations, except now we know that was misleading: people without records were also detained and deported. And now the Trump administration is using that same line to conduct what appears to be more raids more often. Indeed, in at least one region of the country where raids were conducted last week, a majority of immigrants detained were charged with non-violent offenses.” :

4/4 ACLU of Massachusetts challenges constitutionality of ICE detainers that are being used to attempt to force local law enforcement into doing as ICE requests:

4/1 “The 25-year old man, whose first name is Abdul, received a special immigrant visa for his service to the U.S. military forces, but when he arrived at Newark airport on March 13 he was detained and his visa was revoked without explanation, according to his attorneys.” :

4/1 And another DACA recipient, detained and without access to bipolar medication after an auto accident: ; “The ACLU of Oregon said he doesn’t have his wheelchair or medication to treat his bipolar disorder.“Emmanuel is in pain and at serious risk of injury,” Ian Philabaum, an immigrant rights advocate at Innovation Law Lab, said in a press release. “ICE showed up early Sunday morning, without a warrant, and tricked a struggling young man from his home by telling him they were going to talk about this DACA status.””

4/1 Yet another DACA protected immigrant arrested and detained, released on bond after community outcry in Portland: 

3/31 Five people arrested as they worked on their immigration applications. Once again, no criminal records.

3/30 US citizen but, you know, brown, arrested on drug charges and then taken into custody by ICE despite the fact that he is a US citizen: ; ““He said, ‘Hey, I’m a citizen!’” Roth recalled. “And basically they said, ‘Tell it to the judge.’” But Aguilar didn’t get to see a judge.”

3/31 Doctors working in Texas told to leave within 24 hours, then told they could stay:

3/30 Remains in detention despite having been granted assylum as refugee. Not an isolated case. “ICE’s decision to continue to detain individuals granted asylum, especially when there are no security concerns, brings up serious questions about this country’s compliance with basic principles of international law regarding the treatment of asylees. There is no provision under the Immigration and Nationality Act, or under any Presidential Executive Order, that justifies the continued detention of an individual who has been granted asylum and is deemed to be a refugee. The supposed pendency of the Department’s appeal is immaterial; Yee should have been released immediately after he was granted asylum.” :

3/29 Massachusetts lawmaker taken to task for forwarding rumor about ICE raids in her city:

3/28 Denied asylum, followed procedure to file family petition as the spouse of an American citizen without consideration, detained on the spot: “On Tuesday morning, I got up early, got my 1-year-old son Christopher ready and left with my husband, Juan Vivares, for what we hoped would be a routine check-in with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer in Manhattan. The check-in had been scheduled because Juan was denied his application for political asylum from his native Colombia late last year and I am in the process of petitioning for him to stay in the country because my son and I are both U.S. citizens.”
3/24 Arrests of farm workers throughout the country, many with no criminal histories. Article also has some discussion of the economic impact, as agriculture is very dependent upon migrant labor.

3/27 We start to see what ICE using local officials looks like. “Federal immigration officers detained 26 people suspected of being unauthorized immigrants when they reported for community service Sunday morning in Fort Worth.” :

3/27 Chicago ICE agent shoots unarmed legal resident in raid on house owned for the last several decades by legal residents:

3/25 Minnesotans protest ongoing ICE action in their area:

3/24 Arrested after a traffic stop, once again, not criminals:

3/23 Know your rights information, activist trainings:

3/17 Detaining activists ” Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested Enrique “Kike” Balcazar, 24, from Mexico, and and Zully Palacios, 23, from Peru, late Friday afternoon, according to an activist with the group Migrant Justice. They are the third and fourth members of the group to be detained by ICE agents this week. Caesar Alex Carillo-Sanchez, who goes by Alex Carillo, was arrested outside the Chittenden County courthouse in Burlington Wednesday morning.” :

As raids continue, families are forced to make back-up care plans in case of emergency. 

3/15 School officials try to reassure and protect students:

3/10 Once again, no criminal records, only an overstay of a temporary visa, a civil – not criminal – matter. Article also remarks on the lack of transparency. “The lack of information forthcoming from ICE makes it difficult to know exactly what has happened, said Aden Batar, director of immigration and refugee resettlement for Catholic Community Services. The silence has put people on edge.”

3/9 The story of woman released after a month (presumably because ICE eventually concluded she was in fact a citizen, though naturally they decline to state why), her not uncommon background and the conditions in which she was detained. “Almost 100 people were arrested across the state of Georgia in one week, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Ghalib said Hernandez-Carrillo and her family detailed some of the conditions she experienced at the detention center.“She was sleeping on a hard floor with no blankets. There were roaches everywhere and they didn’t properly assess her for a medical condition she had,” Ghalib said. “She’s never had health concerns before but she was going through a lot and was trying to communicate with them that she needed to see a doctor. They just completely ignored her.””

3/6 Arrest videotaped by detainees family after car is pulled over for no reason: “La Opinión reports suddenly another car pulled up in front of him and blocked his way. 24-year-old Brenda Avelica, the oldest daughter: “They told him to get out of the car. My dad asked them, ‘What did I do to be stopped?’ And they said to him, ‘Shut up, you have a deportation order and get out of the car,’ and they took him down and took him away.”

3/3 “President Donald Trump has promised the only immigrants being deported now that he’s in office are “bad hombres”: convicted criminals, threats to American safety and the national interest. News reports from across the country are making clear that’s not true.” :

3/2 “Dreamer” detained, to be deported without a hearing, officials insist (absurdly) it has nothing to do with the fact that she has been speaking out against the administration:

3/1 Alabama spike in detention of undocumented immigrants without criminal records “”If they find the person they were looking for, and even if they don’t, they’ll ask other people at the house [for their papers] and they’ll arrest them if they’re undocumented.””

2/25 A number of raids and arrests in a number of places throughout the that go far beyond the “targeting violent criminals” that the administration claims to be doing:

2/24 Not a criminal, married to a US citizen, working legally under an agreement made with ICE years before while his status update was being processed. “Rose, a U.S. citizen, said that after six years of these regular check-ins, and six years of impeccable compliance with ICE’s supervision rules, neither of them felt they had any reason to believe her husband wouldn’t be coming home.” :

2/23 About private prisons and private detention centers “The new directives call for construction of more jails along the southwest border to accommodate the additional detainees. About 65% of Homeland Security detainees last year were held in privately run facilities.”:

2/23 From the ACLU on the continued use of private prisons:

2/23 Another DACA recipient being held “DACA provides temporary protection from deportation and a work permit to roughly 750,000 young immigrants brought into the country as children who are in the U.S. illegally. Authorized by President Obama, DACA has come under review by President Trump’s administration but is still in effect. Los Angeles attorney Joseph Porta told KPCC on Wednesday that the young man, who Porta would not name, is 22 years old and was detained in the early hours of Feb. 12.” :

2/22 ICE detains, and prevents access to legal council and family, very ill woman. “Attorneys for a Salvadoran woman who collapsed in a Texas detention center as she seeks asylum say family and lawyers have been denied most contact with her as well as information about her medical condition.” :

2/17 Woman detained by ICE at courthouse, where she appeared to get a restraining order against an abuser. “Federal immigration agents last week detained a woman in the U.S. illegally just after she received a protective order against an allegedly abusive boyfriend, in an El Paso County courthouse. El Paso County Attorney Joanne Bernal said the ICE arrest inside a courthouse was “unprecedented and stunning.” “To my knowledge, and others I have spoken to, no one has a recollection of immigration officials acting like this in a courthouse,” Bernal told NPR.” :

2/15 DACA repicient held by Seattle ICE, with absurdly poorly attempt by ICE to frame him as gang member “Attorneys for Ramirez, whose own child is an American citizen, claim his detention without probable cause violates his Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights.” :

2/11 Hundreds of arrests and detentions across 6 states, authorities claim it is “routine” while clearly it is anything but:

2/8 Arrested in a routine meeting with ICE, mother of two young children detained without warning. “A mother of two, she continued to live in Arizona and checked in with ICE every six months. On her scheduled meeting Wednesday morning, she arrived at the ICE field office in Phoenix surrounded by supporters. An immigration attorney later told the crowd outside that Garcia de Rayos had been arrested. ” :


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