The attacks and harassment list post-inauguration edition

3/28 Three separate incidences of anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic graffiti in Fairfax County, Virginia; the anti-Muslim graffiti left inside of an apartment that had been broken into and burglarized:

3/22 A white man goes to New York and kills a black man “to stop interracial relationships”:
Police violence:

3/14 University of Maryland peppered with flyers declaring “America is a White Nation” :
A black man assaulted in Reno:

3/13 Just one in a wave of anti-Semitic incidents, “holocaust is fake history” graffiti on a Seattle temple:

3/12 Mosque in Michigan arson:

3/12 Conservative news site editor talking about wanting to run over DAPL protesters:

3/4 Sikh man shot by a white man who told him to “go back” outside of Seattle:
A Muslin woman assaulted in an airport:

3/1 Swastikas carved into the doors of a Manhattan church:

2/27 Trump still silent on murder of two Indian men in Kansas:

2/24 Two Indian men shot, one of them killed, by a white man in Kansas bar:
Arrested planning a mass shooting: ;

2/6 Vandalism and racist hate messages on an Indian man’s house in Colorado:

Note sent to a New Mexico lawmaker:

Article discussing a few terrifying incidents:
Hate groups expanding:


2/? A Chinese student takes on xenophobia at Colombia university with a youtube video:

1/31 An elderly Chinese man allegedly shot by neighborhood security guard:


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